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Programmes and Shows Launching Soon on GPRN

(days and times not fixed)

  • Poetry In Motion: A Lively, Intuitive and Interactive Show Unlike Any Other – Wednesday 2:30pm (UK time)
  • Book of the Week: Kicking Off With The Book of Strangers – Thursday 4pm (UK time)
  • Kiddies Corner: Stimulating Games and Stories From A Range of Sources – Monday – Friday 4pm (UK time)
  • Following The Money: fees – Wednesday 3:15pm (UK time)
  • Aunty Assiya’s Storytime: Selected Stories Chosen & Read by Assiya Douglas and Friends – Tuesday & Thursday 10:30am (UK time)
  • Global Cook Book: bringing great recipes and traditional dishes to life – Monday & Friday 10am (UK time) 
  • Ladies Lounge: By Women, For Women – Wednesday & Saturday 6:30pm (UK time) 
  • West Africa on Wednesdays: A View of Local and World Happenings – Tuesday 2:30pm (UK time)
  • Marketplace: Business Opportunities For Investors & Entrepreneurs – Friday 5:30pm (UK time) 
  • Sporting Odds: Views, Insights and Prdeictions From The World of Sports – Saturday 10:30am (UK time) 
  • Events Guide: Events From Near & Far – Thursday & Saturday 11am (UK time),
  • Spirit First/Sunday Sermons: Presentations From The Holy Apostles Ministry & Guests – Sunday 9:30am (UK time)
    Jazz Lounge-Jazz Till Late Music From Across The Decades and Now – Monday – Saturday 8pm (UK time)
  • A Little Bit of Reggae: Revisiting Lovers Rock & Conscious Tunes – Monday, Wednesday & Saturday 2:30am & 11pm (UK time) 
  • All About Health: preventions, Cures and More – Tuesday & Sunday 11:30am &2:30pm (UK time) 
  • Community Corner: A chance for local community stations to broadcast on the GPRN network – Monday & Friday 11am & 4:30pm (UK time)
  • The News Review: Regular and guest reviewers give their take on world and local events – Daily 9:30am & 6:30pm (UK time)
  • UK Muslim Radio: A GPRN substation – Monday, Wednesday Friday, Saturday 11am and Monday Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 7pm (UK time)

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Weekly Schedule


  • 8:30 am - 9:30 am: Book of the Week


  • 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm: Following The Money - A Different Kind of Business Show

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