Presenter/Airtime Request

Whether a seasoned pro or a new presenter, if you have an idea for an interesting show we can get you on air from as little as £39 per month for a 1-3 hour weekly show. Once we’ve shown you the ropes you can even log in remotely and do your show at home or on the road.


Listen LIVE!: 

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You can have your show automatically recorded for you to use elsewhere or even automatically uploaded and added to the GPRN podcast stream. We also facilitate more formal sub-station hosting arrangements.

Just complete the form below to get the ball rolling.

What will your show be about (e.g. politics, religion sport) and will you be coming from a particular angle? Will it be one presenter speaking, interviews, a playlist etc? Do you have a particular, noteworthy or unique presentation style?
We will contact you to discuss equipment needed and other requirements. If you are not sure mention this in the box at the end of the form.
If not sure then leave it as 1.
If not sure leave as 1-2 hours.
The day and time of day you want to be on air (e.g. 2:30pm - 4pm). Also the timezone if not UK.
We have an option to auto-record each show which will then be made available for you to download shortly afterwards. An additional fee applies.
This service automatically adds each show to the GPRN podcast. An additional fee applies.