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This RAMADAN on UK Muslim Radio

The Book of StrangersIan Dallas – A 13 part audio serialisation read by Abdurrazak Richard Goodall.      7:30pm daily (repeated 9:30am next morning)

Seerah – Life of the Prophet (peace be upon him) – Shaykh Abdalhaqq Bewley– A 29 part series to be broadcast daily throughout the month. Original sessions recorded at the Ihsan Mosque, Norwich over a 2 year period.    6pm daily UK time (repeated 10am following morning)

Suhur with the Last Hizb (Arabic with English translation) (peace be upon him) – Community of the Ihsan Mosque– .      From 3am every morning.

Tarawih Prayers from the Ihsan Mosque (peace be upon him) led by- Imam Shaykh Habib Bewley– In these days of isolation a chance for everyone to listen to the nightly recitation of the Qu’ran and also join in with the Qur’anic dua recited after every four rakats.      Live Nightly from 10pm  

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After Ramadan UK Muslim Radio will be back n air every Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday from 10:30am – 12:30pm UK time, and from 9pm – 11pm every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday